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  • Welcome to my blog!

    My name is Natalie, I'm a wedding & portrait photographer from the beautiful Central Coast Australia, and i absolutely love what i do!! I'm also a busy mum to the 2 most adorable kiddies ever, and wife to my amazing husband Steve. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I promise to try my best to keep it updated with new and exciting images and if it tickles your fancy follow me on instagram, pinterest, & twitter for all things creative, fun, & family. I'm apologising now for my grammer- english was never my forte (otherwise i would never post anything) so please forgive me for that, and most importantly enjoy!

  • My favourite quote at the moment and a very important point for all of us to think about.

    Because 50 years from now, the most photographed generation in history
    will have no photos.
    Missy's reason #1 to print what you want to preserve.

Images of our beautiful Little Cherubs, Baby Ballerinas, and Baby Jazz Girls can be viewed and ordered by clicking on the following link: http://uniquephotography.com.au/photogallery/

Details are also on this page as well as some discount codes parents & friends can use. Just a big thank you to Miss Issi & Tanya, and the awesome girls i had the chance to photograph, it was great fun!!

For info on joining this great baby ballerina program call Isabella on 0418483876 or visit their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ccbabyballerinas/?fref=ts



I received a wonderful email from the most beautiful couple, and i wanted to share it. It totally made my day when it arrived in my inbox and it is exactly why i do what i do, i love being there for my couples on their big day it really means so much to me. Thank you Gavin & Nicole for being such wonderful clients & now friends.

Dear Natalie,
I’ve been meaning to write to you for a while now – we’ve been so busy!
I just wanted to let you know how stoked Gav and I are with our album and all the gorgeous shots you took on our wedding day. Even now, nearly two years later, I love looking back on all the memories through the pictures you took, and I’m so proud to show off our wedding album.
From the very first time we contacted you, we’ve been so impressed with the work you’ve done for us. You made us feel so comfortable at the engagement shoot and you ensured everything went so smoothly on our wedding day, too.
I’ll never forget the initial shots you took of me on our wedding day – I was starting to get nervous, but you helped me
calm down and enjoy the lead up to the ceremony, and I love that we have a mix of candid shots and posed pics to
remember the day. They’re priceless to us, and we have you to thanks for them!
We’re in the process of getting the prints framed, and I’ll be sure to send you a photograph when they’re proudly hanging in our home.
Thank you again so much for everything – we so truly appreciate it. Hopefully sometime in the future I can give you a call to get you to take some shots of a baby Harrison!
Take care,

hickson wedding collage 2hickson wedding collage 1


Although Jason & Sharnie’s wedding day didn’t start with the most perfect weather conditions it still was one of the most beautiful ceremony’s ever. But luckily as soon as the vows were said the sun came out to join us and off we went to shoot as many shots we could around Newcastle. Congratulations Jason & Sharnie you guys are adorable, thank you for such a great day and i’m so  happy how great your huge album turned out.newcastle wedding01newcastle wedding02newcastle wedding03newcastle wedding04newcastle wedding05newcastle wedding06newcastle wedding07newcastle wedding09newcastle wedding08newcastle wedding11newcastle wedding12newcastle wedding14newcastle wedding13newcastle wedding10newcastle wedding15newcastle wedding20newcastle wedding18newcastle wedding21newcastle wedding22newcastle wedding23newcastle wedding19newcastle wedding17newcastle wedding16newcastle wedding24newcastle wedding25newcastle wedding26newcastle wedding27newcastle wedding28newcastle wedding29newcastle wedding33newcastle wedding30newcastle wedding31newcastle wedding32newcastle wedding34newcastle wedding35newcastle wedding36newcastle wedding37newcastle wedding38newcastle wedding39newcastle wedding40newcastle wedding41newcastle wedding42newcastle wedding43newcastle wedding44newcastle wedding45newcastle wedding46newcastle wedding47newcastle wedding48newcastle wedding49newcastle wedding50newcastle wedding51newcastle wedding52newcastle wedding53newcastle wedding55newcastle wedding54newcastle wedding56newcastle wedding57newcastle wedding58newcastle wedding60newcastle wedding61newcastle wedding62newcastle wedding59newcastle wedding63newcastle wedding64newcastle wedding65newcastle wedding66newcastle wedding67newcastle wedding68newcastle wedding69newcastle wedding70newcastle wedding72newcastle wedding73newcastle wedding71


Images in this video are of this beautiful family’s fine art album layouts, and displays the variety of images taken. They were completely blown away by the images and that’s why i do what i do, it makes me feel so proud to give a family these memories. I was told i have officially become their family photographer forever, i hope i get to shoot these great kids weddings in the future, wouldn’t that be great! (and won’t i feel old….lol)
Thank you Quist Family!!

  • Sharon Foran - Would love it if you could contact me. Have a special request for an immediate photo shoot for a young friend, who is terminal with liver cancer. She has a young son 2/half and a beautiful husband, who is her carer. Her time now, has a very small window.. & would love to give her this.

    • Natalie - Hi Sharon, I’ve just emailed you my mobile phone number, please give me a call and i’ll work something out for you.
      talk soon

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